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Do you want high quality products at a fair price?

We provide fresh quality products, fresh from our land. With a fair price for you and the farmer. Delivered to your door without any worries. 

How does a box come to you as a customer?

Every Friday I visit the farmers in North Holland to pick up the products. This is how I ensure that all products are delivered to you as fresh as possible. 

Did you also know that all fresh van 't Land boxes are aimed at using as little plastic and environmentally unfriendly packaging materials as possible? We use reusable packaging with a deposit. 


My name is Nicole and I grew up on an arable farm in the Beemster. I was used to eating products that always came fresh from the land. But 'love conquers all' they say this was also true for me. I have been living on a livestock farm with my boyfriend in beautiful Naarden for 5 years. Despite the beautiful place, I miss the stalls selling fresh fruit and vegetables from various farms along the way. Always of high quality at a fair price.

But there's more! The price we pay for these delicious fresh products is much lower, while the return for the farmer is higher. Reason enough to purchase products directly from them and to bring this concept to 't Gooi!
Vers van 't Land has a goal. Fresh, high quality products at a fair price for the farmer, but also a fair price for you! I bring vegetables, fruit and dairy directly from the farmer to your home, without shops, without waste and without pollution.

Practical Information

Order before 9 p.m. on Wednesday evening to have the box delivered on Saturday the same week. 

Information about the delivery time will follow as soon as possible after the order is placed.

There is a deposit on the boxes and bottles, this is better for you and the environment.

Have you become enthusiastic? Then quickly order a box!

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Ik ben heel blij met de groentenbox! Een mooi initiatief met lokale -en verse producten.

Stefanie, Naarden

Heel blij met zo een initiatief. Iemand die een eerlijke prijs voor de boer steunt!

Boer Gerjan, Beemster

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