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Organic Vegetables



My name is Nicole and I grew up on an arable farm in the Beemster. I was used to eating products that always came fresh from the Land. But "love conquers all," they say, this was also true for me. I have been living on a livestock farm with my boyfriend in beautiful Naarden for 1.5 years. Despite the beautiful place, I miss the stalls selling fresh fruit and vegetables from various farms along the way. Always of high quality at a fair price.


But there's more! The price we pay for these delicious fresh products is much lower, while the return for the farmer is higher. Reason enough to purchase products directly from them and to bring this concept to 't Good!


Vers van 't Land has a purpose. Fresh products of high quality at a fair price for the farmer, but also a fair price for you! I bring vegetables, fruit, and dairy directly from the farmer to your home, without shops, without waste, and without pollution.

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